Child’s Play

Acting Styles 

Title: Child’s Play

Director: Tom Holland (1988)

Actors: Brad Dourif, Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent, Chris Sarandon

In this horror film a good guy doll named Chucky (Brad Dourif)  is suddenly brought to life and no one believes Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) a young child who is the only one that have seen Chucky in his real side and doll side, not even his mother Karen Barclay (Catherine Hicks).

The story starts off when a detective by the name of Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon) is chasing Charles lee Ray also know as Chucky and after being cornered into a children’s toy shop he begin to chant a voo doo spell which believed to take his soul out of his physical body and move it somewhere of his choice which was a good guy doll and this only believed for him to be temporary.

Karen who plays the mother of Andy in this film has a realism style of acting, she reacts to the situation as any mother of a child would. If my child would have told me his doll was real I would have thought something was wrong with him and not actually believe the toy was real but think it was his imagination. Things start taking a turn when Andy starts revealing names of real live people and going to get him some help as any mother would.

Chucky who plays the child’s doll stylized acting the director wants us to see and know that the doll is actually alive and moving and talking, so that we can see the details unfold and have both sides of the story. When the child tells his mother about the doll and then as she begins to find out about the
dolls where abouts.

Mike Norris style of acting would be realism also because as a detective most officers have to see the actually event take place to fully believe the story, he wanted facts he thought that Andy had just seen the news and knew all of the victims names and the story but because Chucky was telling him everything was the fact of him knowing the events.

Chris Sarandon has played in many movies and his roles have changed within these different types of movies, in “Fright Night” he moved next door and a boy by the name of Brewster believes he is a vampire and no one believes the boy. This is the same kind of movie but his role changes and he is the one with the secret.


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