Colombiana: Bugged

In this action packed movie a child by the name of  Cataleya has witnessed her parents murdered by a group of people as she flees from danger she is left on her own and on the run from angry people, angry that she escaped and had taken flight to American.

The dialogue in this scene is from Cataleya and her boyfriend and also from the swat member and one of this workers, as the scene is moving back and forth you can hear both conversations. The sound, I do believe right before something happens the music changes letting you know that someone or something is going to take place, while she was searching to see who Danny had given or let see her picture the music begins to speed up at a fast pace, at the end of this film you can clearly hear the difference in the music while we don’t know what happens we can tell it was something unexpected. This clip has a music score playing in the background and the film’s music score is what plays in the background of a scene while action takes place (para.20).


Goodykoontz, B., and Jacobs, C.P.(2014). Film: From Watching to Seeing(2nd ed.).                                                                                                     


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