Finders Keepers


Title: Finders Keepers

Director: Alexander Yellen

Main Characters: Tobin Bell, Jaime Pressly, Kylie Rogers, Joey Luthman, Patrick Muldoon


In this film the mother (Jaime) and father (Patrick) of a young child has just divorced and now the child (Kylie) has found a doll in a floor vent, now series of events begin to happen is it the doll or is it just their imagination?

In this weeks lesson we talk about mise en sce’ne and the items placed in the movie is very helpful and helps the movie take flight. One of the things that was placed in the movie was the photos of a previous family and this brought clues for the mother to go on.

The style of lighting that was used was a low key lighting a dark overall appearance of the movie. The genre of the movie is horror, designed to elicit fear and shock in a cathartically entertaining (Goodykoontz, B., and Jacobs, C.P. (2014). Film: From Watching to Seeing 2nd ed.).


The benefits of lighting help the audience get into the movie better and allows you to get the shadow effect of the characters in this film their is a demon that is helping do most of the killing and the lighting helps you see the shadows of his presence.

If this was done any differently their will be what ifs in the film as to how can the doll or the child do the things that were done in the film.

Official Trailer:


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