Into the Storm: Film

Title: Into the Storm

Characters: Allison, Reevis, Daryl, Donk, Donnie, Pete, Tray, Gray

Director: Steven Quale

Year: 2014

Plot: The plot of this film we have a group of researchers that hunt tornadoes, the group sets into a town called Silverton the plan is to record the tornado and the strengths of the wind that goes with it but the researchers encounters a problem their are multiple tornadoes that have begun to drop all around them this does not include the mega tornado that lies await for them later that day.

The character development was played strong in the movie the leader of the research team Pete begin to developing into a caring person and not so into his work as we seen in the film.

The chronology events happening were played out well, so well that you can see how and where the events were and how the tornado’s moved from place to place.

Into the storm does a great job in presenting the choices that the movie took although it took some turn of events it made a great film and it created a great outcome for the ending.

Resources: : Into the storm trailer

Film: From Watching to Seeing (2014) Bridgepoint Education; Bill Goodykoontz and Christopher P. Jacobs


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